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After almost 2 decades of working in the industry, I think my simple ads like these are still my favorite medium -- you get one chance to pique a reader's interest. The economy of space forces a writer to choose words very carefully, balancing clarity and cleverness.

TGL 50 Print.png

The Glenlivet 50 Year Old

A print execution for a very special single malt. At $25,000 per bottle, it was the finest spirit I've yet written about. 

Since all 100 bottles were pre-sold well before the campaign launched, our mission to create a halo effect. In addition to print, we created an interactive sales tool, trade materials and posters.

This is much more than a print ad for Lillet

What started as as a project to create some routine sales materials ended up being adopted as the brand's consumer marketing platform.  I began by considering the category the French spirit Lillet occupied -- apéritif. While that may be familiar in France, many Americans didn't know what to make if it. Was it a wine? A cordial? Something you mixed in a cocktail?

By turning Lillet into a occasion through 4 words of copy, I created context for the the word "apéritif" and demonstrated how you enjoy it when and with whom.   

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