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Short Film, Broadcast & Social Video

Video gives brands a powerful way to connect with their audience or community, through engaging storytelling, dramatic visuals and inspiring music. This sampling shows the range of projects I've worked on, from directing top-tier professional sports figures to creating memorable broadcast spots on very thin budget.


Mrs. Fields :30: Valentine’s Day

The premise – your wife, girlfriend or mom doesn’t want flowers, a mushy fruit basket or a bouquet of mushy fruit shapes cut to look like flowers. My script accentuated the decadence of Mrs. Fields cookies and brought humor to the spot.

Bose Social Short Film: Jimmy Graham

Leading Bose’s social media creative, I was also responsible to jumpstart their NFL sponsorship. My talented art director partner and I concepted, directed the shoots and edited 2 football season’s worth of web videos. Our campaigns included under :30 pieces for social feeds and a series of short films, like this one, that brought fans an inside look at what drove their favorite players off the field.

Bose NFL Social Video: Larry Fitzgerald

We worked with a half dozen players, understanding the unique skills they bring to the game and how they keep those skills sharp. These videos were used on social during game time. So, for instance, if Larry Fitzgerald just made an amazing plan out pacing an opponent, we’d tweet this video to show the relentless work he put into perfecting his moves.

Bose NFL Social Short Film: Chuck Pagano

For the Better Never Quits campaign, I concepted this longer piece around Coach Chuck Pagano’s fight to overcome cancer and lead the Colts further than they had been in years. He was extremely open with us, speaking candidly about his fear and uncertainty. But through it all, his the unbreakable spirit shone through.

Mrs Fields Social Video: Debbi the Maker

Debbi Fields was a baker maker before there was a maker movement, sharing incredibly delicious cookies one batch at a time. Using just archival photos and endearing VO, this social video gave the brand’s community Debbi’s origin story, and brought solid craft credentials to the brand’s lineup of delectable treats.

Bose Social Short Film: Scene + Heard, Episode 2: ‘90s Chicago Emo

At Bose, I managed many creative collaborations, like this one with Vice. We brought viewers into archetypal music scenes, interviewing people who were there and balanced that with contemporary musicians influenced by that scene. This episode, 90’s emo, was, and still, is my favorite of the campaign.

Bose Scene + Heard Episode 1: The Strokes in 2000s NYC

Bose Scene + Heard, Episode 3: ‘80s LA Metal with Rikki Rocket