One Reason to Hire Me


Results, of Course. But Beyond That. 

As I’m working, I ask myself if what I’m creating is true. And what I mean by that is, does it make sense to a person (not a “consumer” or a “user” or a “prospect”). Because as marketers, we sometimes get caught up in how we title and target people. And that informs how we talk to them.

But meaningful conversations don’t happen that way. We talk as people, to people. So the thing I bring to every project is a deep understanding and appreciation for humanity. You make that connection, and the rest is easy(ier).

A few more reasons to consider me:

  • Absolute dedication
  • Able to lead teams and be a support player
  • Very clever (I used to write for MAD Magazine)
  • Able to adopt various brand tones
  • Strategic thinking